We’re Loving: Commerce With a Conscience

Commerce With a Conscience

When it comes to shopping ethically, the term "socially responsible" has become a rather vague one, meaning everything from clothing produced via means of fair-trade, organic products, the use of local sources, repurposed materials and so on and so forth. In the end, these are all highly-respectable pursuits, but it can get a little trick to keep track.

Commerce With a Conscience founder Brad Bennett took that in mind when building his e-tail shop, a one-stop destination for socially responsible clothing and accessories, where you can browse the expanding collection by product, brand, or by ethical attribute. Only wear organic cotton? Try one of Finisterre's super-cozy cotton sweatshirts. Or for recycled wares, there's mau's barrel sling bags and totes, constructed from hard-structure Tyvek.

Currently the site focuses on men's apparel, but there's plenty of unisex options to be had (we're especially smitten by Lumina Clothing Company's pink gingham bow ties). And for even more guilt-free shopping, Bennett says he tries to specifcally focus on brands and goods that won't break the bank. That's something we can all get behind.

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