Jimmy Choo's Tamara Mellon Insists: “Uggs Are Awesome”

Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon gave us the inside scoop on the brand's "DNA" (hint: animal print, fringe) as well as why it's a good thing that luxury and mass-market retailers are joining forces at a preview for the brand's latest collaboration with Uggs.

Thread NY: So you've worked with H&M, now you’re working with Uggs: Tell us about it.
TM: Well, I love doing collaborations. It’s so much fun to work with other teams and different creative teams. I really wanted to do Uggs, because for me, everyone has a pair in their closet, no matter what you do, no matter what your income is. And aside from Jimmy Choos, it’s actually the only other thing that I have in my closet. So for us to put the spirit and the DNA on a pair of Uggs, that would be fun.

Thread NY: So obviously, if your stamp of design approval goes on them, it’s your stance that Uggs are awesome?
TM: Yes, Uggs are awesome!

Thread NY: How did you come up with styles?
TM: Well, we took it from some of our existing product. And we just thought, “What is the DNA of Jimmy Choo?” Well, we use a lot of studs, we use a lot of animal prints, fringing, so let’s try and work with that.

Thread NY: Do you feel like you’re part of a trend or at the start of a wave of luxury designers and retailers coming together with mass market ones?
TM: Yes, yes. We’ve seen it over the last few years, and I think that it’s a great idea for the two different worlds to meet.

Thread NY: Who do you see wearing these shoes and is the same girl that’s wearing a pair of Jimmy Choos by night, a pair of Uggs by Sunday?
TM: Absolutely. It’s the same woman, and I also think that these have a lot of reach. Like I said, everyone I know has a pair of Uggs in their closet.

Thread NY: What are some of your trend picks for fall?
TM: For fall, I love ankle boots and leopard print. Ankle boots with dresses, I think, is a great look. And then for leopard print, to have a leopard print bag or a shoe – just a pop of leopard – is really a great, too.

Thread NY: How will you wear them?
TM: I'm really looking forward to wearing some of the fringe styles when I go to Aspen.

Thread NY: Do you shop in New York? Where do you shop?
TM: I do ... but I do a lot of my shopping online at Net-a-Porter, because I don’t have time to go shopping. And it’s usually a midnight binge in bed. Last time, I went onto Net-a-Porter to buy some bikinis for summer vacation and ended up with 52 items in the basket!
Thread NY: Anything else that you’re excited about? Perhaps for next season?
TM: Well 2011 is our 15th anniversary. Traditionally, with anniversaries, that means crystals. So be on the lookout for those, too ...
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