Nary Manivong Documents Journey from Homeless to Fashion Week in New Film

A soon-to-be-released documentary on New York-based designer Nary Manivong is a sobering reminder of just how difficult it is to be a fledgling talent in the city, especially one making an effort to break into the biggest game in town -- New York Fashion Week.

A new trailer has been released for the documentary, which recounts Manivong's troubling early years as a homeless teenager, in which he apparently spent several months sleeping in a doughnut shop. In the film, Manivong recounts moving to New York with $200 in his pocket, and trying to make it work as a designer. According to The New York Times, the documentary is the result of Manivong giving a crew access to the entire eight month process leading up to the debut of his collection in September of 2008. The film also features interviews with Mickey Boardman, Fern Mallis, Lynn Yaeger, and more.

The film is tentatively set to be released in February, and according to the Times, Manivong is also set to release a new line with Ally Hilfiger this year.

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