Watch It-Model Lara Stone Get Sucked Into a Twister Bound for Oz

For those that haven't yet discovered the site Nowness, the site launched back in 2010, offering readers a glorious daily time-waster featuring everything from slow-motion hair-flipping to an up-close-and-personal tour of the studio at Alexander McQueen.

Often times, the video highlights what, in recent years, has become a real trend: brands commissioning artistic videos as a way to promote their businesses in new and more engaging ways. Possibly the best example has been Rodarte, who commissioned video artist Todd Cole to create a "space odyssey" around their Spring 2010 collection, and later a gold-soaked journey through northern California with Elle Fanning for Spring 2011. In both cases, has been the place to find such videos.

The latest iteration comes from one of New York Fashion Week's biggest sponsors, Mercedes-Benz, who enlisted one of biggest models of the moment, Lara Stone, to star in a film as part of the automaker's "Icons of Style" series. The result -- in which Stone gets sucked into a "Wizard of Oz"-like twister, courtesy of director Alex Prager -- is seriously fun to watch.

Lara Stone: American Fairytale on

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