Wanderluster Totes Lucky Red Wallet and Marfa Rocks


Between her Wanderluster jewelry collection, writing gigs and short film productions, Rammy Lee Park has a lot on her plate. So no surprise the multi-tasking designer keeps a notebook for all occasions (and a corresponding pen), along with a few girly-girl necessities like the perfect hot pink lipstick. Hey, even super-humans have to perk up their pucker now and then.

1. Notebooks: "I tried for years to condense these before making peace with this particular neurosis of mine. There are six in my current bag: my weekly planner, sketchbook, one for fiction, one for film, one for to-do lists, and one for all kinds of uncategorizable anythings."

2. Pens: "Felt tips for drawing, a Mont Blanc for writing. I've gotten one for every graduation—high school, college, graduate school. This one is from high school and it always feels right."

3. Pink Lipstick: "The best pick me up."

4. Wallet: "My mom and my aunt and I all have the same red wallet. My mom says it's good luck because the red color attracts money. Something is lost in translation there. When my mother said it in Korean it was much more poetic."

5. Ring: "I love it because it reminds me of an incredible trip to Istanbul that I shared with two of my closest girlfriends. Plus, I bargained it down at the bazaar. Even when I'm not wearing it, it's usually rolling around in my bag. This and the lipstick—total last-minute outfit changers."

6. Rocks From Marfa: "My best friend got me these green stones from Marfa, Texas. I've been carrying them around. Their clear minty color makes me happy and calm."

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