Victoria's Secret Launches New Designer Collection

In an age where seemingly the most minute of fashion launches is heralded with a press release, an ad campaign, and a social media initiative, Victoria's Secret opted for a different direction in testing out its latest big launch: a new high-end lingerie line called the Victoria's Secret Designer Collection.

The new line features delicate lace pieces, impressive trimmings, and bolder silhouettes -- not to mention a sheer lace corset -- that would seem to compete with rival lingerie brands like La Perla. That said, Victoria's Secret is clearly not looking to push the envelope too far with price points: the bras in the collection hover around $100 (as opposed to the main label's $50, or La Perla's $225). That said, there are statement pieces in the collection, like the aforementioned corset that costs about $300.

Here's the most interesting twist: The collection is already in stores and online. WWD first reported on the collection, also discovering that some pieces from the collection were actually featured in November's epic Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. As the brand's president and chief marketing officer, Ed Ruzek, told WWD, the collection is actually almost sold out already -- both on the Web and in the few stores offering the collection (which include the big Lexington Avenue and Herald Square outposts in New York).

In quietly adding the Designer Collection items to their regular merchandise, the brand is employing a classic retail strategy most recently seen at J.Crew, where the company began adding a small selection of pieces under the J.Crew Collection label each season, and has now built up enough interest to send out e-mail alerts giving shoppers the option to register for the chance to pre-order the Collection pieces early. Considering that Victoria's Secret isn't even venturing too far out of its comfort zone in terms of pricing, it's no surprise that the more luxurious pieces are being snapped up by shoppers.

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