Victoria’s Secret Angels Wings on Display in Soho

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In the lead-up to the Victoria's Secret runway show broadcast on November 30, the label is definitely pulling out all the stops. Nine sets of angels wings worn by various supermodels during some of the past few years' runway shows are currently on display in Soho on the one-block stretch of Broadway between Houston and Prince Streets.

When we reported earlier on the display, we mused on how fun it would be to actually try the wings on. While that's not possible, instead there are footprint marks in front of each plexiglass case to designate where you can stand for a photograph to most closely resemble wearing a set. We're not sure which is sillier: posing with Victoria's Secret "Angels" wings, or posing with the open-shirted Hollister greeters, standing just a few feet away. Regardless, aspiring angels can upload images onto Facebook for inclusion in the brand's photo album.

The wings will be on display until November 30.

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