Ungaro Hires New CEO, Who Claims: “The Bruises Will Heal”

After a series of high-profile failures -- which included installing Lindsay Lohan as creative director -- it seems venerable-but-embattled brand Emanuel Ungaro is starting to take some major steps towards a revival: First up, the brand has hired a new CEO in the form of Jeffry Aronsson, WWD reports.

Dubbed by the paper as a "turnaround expert", Aronsson assume the position vacated by Mounir Moufarrige in 2009, having already served stints at high-profile houses like Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, and Oscar de la Renta.

Ungaro hasn't been able to secure its footing since the departure of its namesake founder in 2004, going through a string of designers -- including Lohan, who worked alongside Estrella Archs for one season -- before reaching a partnership with the current head, Giles Deacon.

Aronsson joins Deacon after two seasons at the helm, to hopefully restore the house to the feminine fuchsia grandeur it started building in 1965.

"We have an authentic, world renowned haute couture designer brand with a great heritage. Yes, it has been bruised, but with the right care and attention, the bruises will heal and it will look as great as it ever did."

According to the report, the immediate focus will be on the product and brand message, which may mean that Deacon's current performance isn't exactly in sync with what Aronsson is hoping for.

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