Um, No: Tinsley Mortimer

Gal-about-town Tinsley Mortimer turned up at Alice + Olivia's launch party at Saks Fifth Avenue last night wearing an outfit that was probably trying for "young and fresh" but ended up looking twee.

We suppose it might be possible to take this flattering patterned dress and make it seem a little more sophisticated and a little less garden party-ish (maybe a blazer? A seriously expensive-looking necklace?), but for certain, the dress worn in conjunction with a rather dippy half up-do (a slightly bouffant nod to Snooki?), tons of piled-on bangles and some big hoop earrings did not help Tinsley's cause. And yes, the gal is beautiful and her skin glows, but she's not a 16-year-old, even if she's dressed like one. There's also something troublesome about her shoes -- we love the lace-up style, but they seem too dark for such a bright, springtime outfit. 

For more pictures from the Alice + Olivia bash, check out the complete gallery over on NiteSide.

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