Tracy Reece Sale Reportedly Rewarded VIPs with Lower Pricing

Tracy Reese

As is common practice, Tracy Reese hosted a VIP, advanced-access sample sale before opening to the public. But she also offered special VIP pricing. Diligent bloggers uncovered the scoop.

It's no secret that VIPs in any industry enjoy the perks that we common folk need more - free swag, deep discounts, first dibs - but it's more of an unspoken rule, so it made us chuckle to see Tracy Reese busted when boosting prices for said commoners.

Racked reported Mizhattan's findings during the Tracy Reese VIP shopping night, during which Plenty and Frock! dresses were offered for around $89, tops and sweaters for roughly $67, and Tracy Reese Collection dresses for $125 and tops for around $89.  Lo and behold, when the sale opened to the public the next day, the price list, which was published by Racked, featured a higher scale - Plenty and Frock! dresses were now $99 and TRC, $140. 

Case in point, the bump in prices isn't really a shocking development. But check out the Racked comments - a sizing debate quickly devolved, which is a much touchier subject in the industry.

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