Tory Burch and Ray-Ban Fold Up Their Sunnies

tory burch foldable sunglasses
Tory Burch

Foldable sunglasses make the jump from geek to chic the latest iterations from Tory Burch and Ray-Ban.

Maybe it's a New York, lack-of-space thing, but anything that, say, folds into its own pocket or can collapse to a fraction of its former self reigns supreme in our book (from folding chairs to collapsible tables). That's why we love the Tory Burch Foldable Shield Sunglasses and Ray-Ban's Folding Wayfarers for their tricky multi-tasking abilities.

Though they're certainly functional for saving space, fortunately neither style lacks in form. The Tory Burch shades are a sleek, wire rim shield with a sporty-Euro look, while the Wayfarers are exactly the same as any other model of the classic Ray-Ban favorite.

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