Top Male Model Arrested, Offered ‘Favors' for Release

Former Prada face and 2008 Forbes' pick for fifth most powerful male model in the whole wide world, Nick Snider was arrested for public drunkenness in Arkansas, then allegedly tried to bribe police with offers of sexual favors. Oy vey.

Sidebar: When arrested, Snider was wearing a less than fashionable T-shirt with the phrase, "Hey babe, when are we chillaxin'?" on it.  We're assuming the official response of the Batesville, Arkansas PD is, "Never."

Now released on $780 bond, Snider had allegedly caused some kind of incident at a party, then (according to reports) proceeded to crow about how famous he was while being arrested.  Hate to tell you this, Zoolander, but we can guarantee you're not that famous in Batesville.  Also, Batesille is probably not a place where elliciting the illicit will work to a male model's advantage. 

From the YSL catwalk to a perp walk in Arkansas, USA.  Nice work. 

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