Top Fashion Week Invitations

The pile of invitations that amass on any editor's desk has long been one of the more tantalizing traditions of fashion week. Here are some of our favorites from this season's offerings thus far.

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Denise Petty,
Kelly's invitation from Jen Kao was a covered in what might be the most glamorous doodle we've ever seen: all gold leaf and graphic.
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The invitation itself was similarly elegant in cream and gold.
Ryan Cowen
Porter Grey's invitation was more of a travel postcard -- a brilliant way of instantly telegraphing the collection's inspiration, as well as providing a tantalizing distraction to folks immersed in long hours at the office.
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Fabric-wrapped invitations get an instant boost in terms of texture alone: Jason Wu's simple, azure blue invite is both hefty and incredibly chic.
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Similarly, the invitation for the 3.1 Phillip Lim show came in a textured slate blue envelope with contrasting gold trim and a dazzling highlighter-yellow tone within.
The award for thickest card stock -- at least, thus far -- goes to Calvin Klein, whose minimal white invitation seems almost like a big white tile.
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Then of course, there's the packaging: Leifsdottir sent along the most charming little black box ...
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... with a little gold letterpress, curled scroll outlining the details of the show.
Ryan Cowen
The invitation to Alexa Chung's party for her Madewell line included a charming illustration of a bear, with a written message: "I can't bear it if you don't come. xo, Alexa."
Tommy Hilfiger is celebrating his 25th anniversary in the business, so the company sent out a hefty invitation to match: a white, glass-topped box filled with little faux clovers.
The winner, by far, on the invitation front has been Mulberry, whose invite came in a whopper of an envelope ...
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... that was opened to reveal three separate envelopes ...
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... inside which were two incredibly charming invitations -- one a little pug and one a stylish paper doll cut-out -- rendered in white and hot pink.
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