Tom Ford's “A Single Man” Premieres Sunday

This Sunday, December 6, Tom Ford's long-awaited directorial debut, A Single Man, starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, will make its New York City debut (the public can see it on Monday).  Based on the story of Christopher Isherwood, a closeted gay man living in Kennedy-era Los Angeles, the film is, at least according to Times fashion authority Cathy Horyn, a bit like watching "an exemplary ad for a men's label."

Not that Ford's highly stylized vision is a bad thing:  what else could be expected of the man who made plush velvet slippers the must-have men's accessory last year? Truthfully, we think it would be something of a letdown to go see a Tom Ford film starring the very hunky Colin Firth that didn't feature a few spectacular suits.  In the final line of her review--which Ford, a personal acquaintance of Ms. Horyn's, has surely read by now--the hard-won critic eventually acquiesced that A Single Man was "very much worth seeing."  High praise by Horyn standards.  We can only imagine what softer audiences will make of this designer's masterful experiment.

More: On The Runway/NY Times

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