Tom Binns' and Corto Moltedo's Urchin Clutch

The notion of accessory-as-weaponry seems to be gaining momentum these days: from Phillip Lim's spiked leather driving gloves to Ben Amun's studded accessories, none are safe from the latest arsenal of combat acoutrements.

Including jewelry designer Tom Binns, whose latest forray into handbag design with expert tote-bagger Corto Moltedo yielded this menacing evening bag--awesomely titled, "the Boyfriend Clutch." How one actually clutches the urchin-spiked case we can't be completely sure, but presumably the designers had the foresight to include a wrist strap.

"The Boyfriend Clutch" is the first of two brainchildren produced by this deliciously perverse union.  The second, dubbed "the Sunday Bag," is a small hardcase black clutch embellished with none other than Christ on the crucifix. A spattering of gold chain and odd-sized crosses compose the tail-like fringing, perfect for the devoutly radical fashionista on your holiday shopping list.

And let us say: Amen!

Both bags are available to order from the designers' respective flagship stores. Visit for more info.

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