Seven Questions For The Fashion Show's Tamara Jones

Tamara Jones, the latest designer to be eliminated from season two of The Fashion Show Ultimate Collection was nearly sent home last week for a dress detail she added only after giving in to the pressures of her teammates. Last night's episode showed Jones fierce and defiant as she crafted her ensemble for the next challenge—a femme-fatale inspired pantsuit with a leather peplum jacket. Despite it being her last, the 24-year old designer stands by her work. Here, she tells us about her new line, turning the last two challenges into learning experiences, and who she's hoping will come out on top this season.

We hear you've started your own fashion line, 4 Tamara Nicole. What does it consist of?
There's a lot of outerwear. I also did another jacket with a peplum.

Was that your way of thumbing your nose at the judges for your disqualifying outfit?
No, that's a style I've done before. It actually was one of my qualifying designs to get on the show.

In retrospect, would you have made any changes to your final outfit?
Not at the moment. I really stand by what I did, so no, I wouldn't change anything.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
I love Max Mara, Dior—John Galliano for Dior—and Iceberg.

What lessons did you take away after being on The Fashion Show?

Well, between the second and third challenges, I think I really let people in. In the second challenge I let people in too much and that nearly got me disqualified, so for the third challenge, it was like 'Ok, no one's talking to me.' I think I need to find a balance between accepting criticism and executing my own vision.

How helpful was Isaac's advice when he'd meet with you during the challenges?

We all took Issac's advice pretty seriously. It's always interesting to see how people see the same thing as you and if it's different from your own perspective. In the beginning, Isaac liked my design and the separates. He saw my sketch, but in the end he didn't see my vision.

Do you have any predictions for who's going to win this season?

I'm thinking Calvin. He was really on my side, so I want him to win. I hope he does.  

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