The Wild West Meets Bollywood in Thakoon's Vibrant Spring Collection

Spurred by the success of his multicultural, "Masaii-Meets-Versailles" fall collection, Thakoon's latest collection explored the cross-section between the American West and Bollywood.

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A look from Thakoon's Spring 2012 collection.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Perhaps spurred on by the success of multicultural, "Masaii-Meets-Versailles" fall collection, Thakoon's latest collection explored the cross-section between the American West and Bollywood. The peculiar combination could easily have yielded a disjointed spring '12 line, but not in the capable hands of Mr. Panichgul, who began his inquiry with the paisley motif on a classic western bandana.
Catherine Blair Pfander
It was the classic paisley pattern that lead Thakoon to his Indian inspiration sources, which translated both to literal (here, Thakoon's modern take on a traditional sari) and playful iterations on the catwalk, for example with bright, exaggerated prints.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Thakoon's cross-cultural inspiration made for a super-saturated color palette of hot pink, saffron and turquoise, while coordinating up-do's in pink, lavender and green gave the collection a cheeky spin.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Designers often try to interpret ethnic garb on the catwalk, but the look is rarely as convincing as Thakoon's reinvented saris, which felt modern but still connected to the traditional garment.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Two-tone toppers -- Thakoon's riff on a cowboy hat -- gave otherwise sidewalk-friendly looks a dose of theatricality.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Thakoon made good use of his print-mixing abilities for spring, combining baroque paisley motifs with geometric patterns and shapes.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Against the backdrop of the Plaza Hotel's grand ballroom, Thakoon's elaborate textiles took on a luxe, regal appeal.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Devotees of Thakoon's statement-making dresses won't be disappointed with the new crop for spring. Here, a silky yellow number with hot pink embroidery at the collar.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Splashes of silvery metallic added sparkle to the paisley-prints and kaleidoscope patterns.
Catherine Blair Pfander
We're excited for the collection's flouncy printed shorts and floral separates, executed in super-bright tropical hues.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Thakoon's modern take on embroidered cowboy shirting yielded fun, flare-hem pieces festooned in bright orange embellishments.
Catherine Blair Pfander
An elegant evening look in deep emerald features a silver palm frond motif.
Catherine Blair Pfander
A crinkled taffeta skirt in shimmering plum would be a perfect light-yet-glitzy statement piece for spring.
Catherine Blair Pfander
A view of the Plaza Hotel's elegant Grand Ballroom.
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