“The Sleeved Blanket,” and Other Snuggie Euphemisms

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Happiness in Bed

The Snuggie is widely acknowleged to be off-limits for fashionable folk (as merchandise piled near the entrance to Walgreens often is), but could it be that the "Sleeved Blanket," designed by Spanish fashion designer, Andrea Ayala Closa, is high-concept enough to suit those of exacting taste?

The resourceful Ms. Closa--whose surrealist design leanings owe much to the late Alexander McQueen--developed the Sleeved Blanket for Happiness in Bed "because it's really, really annoying to have cold arms when you're reading in bed." We have to agree! The Sleeved Blanket builds upon the trail-blazing achievements of the Snuggie and the Slanket with the simple addition of gloves, left uncovered on the two pointer-fingers to allow for easy page-turning.

We've always been curious what we were missing out on by abstaining from Snuggie-Mania.  Perhaps we'll indulge our curiosity with a fancy new Sleeved Blanket, if for no other reason than to adamantly correct everyone who calls it a Snuggie: "Look, it's the Sleeved Blanket, okay?"

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