The Plaza Commissions Eponymous Scent

The Plaza Hotel is seeking to siphon its icon-status into its own scent with luxe perfumer Kigler. 

The luxury hotel has apparently followed in Jennifer Aniston's footsteps with a new fragrance embodying its signature traits -- but unlike the beachy Californian movie star, the hotel's scent is characterized by bergamot, grapefruit and leather in order to exude "grace, beauty, elegance and style," as executive VP of retail Kristin Franzese told the New York Times. The line includes eau de parfum which retails for $95 for 1.7 ounces, as well as similarly sweetened soaps and candles. Hey, with Ungaro moving in downstairs, maybe the Plaza is really looking to up its style ante.

Bottles of the signature scent are for sale exclusively, of course, at the hotel's store, Plaza Beauty.

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