Purse Purge: The Man Repeller Packs Purell and Friendship Bracelets

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Leandra Medine started a blogosophere sensation when she launched "The Man Repeller" a year ago. Her mission: to boldly embrace those over-the-top outfits and accessories that might be unattractive -- even "repellent" -- to the opposite sex.

You know what we're talking about: slouchy harem pants, exaggerated shoulder pads, "mom" jeans, and ankle socks with sandals have all become synonymous with Medine's Man-Repelling chic.

While the contents of her purse -- a boxy Alex Wang satchel -- might not be literally repellant to the opposite sex, Medine doesn't shy away from the unglamorous necessities. Specifically: Tampax back-ups and plenty of Purell hand sanitizer.

1. Spare Bracelets: "You never know when you'll need to amp up the arm party."

2. Blackberry: "To play brick breaker!"

3. Celine Sunnies: "To wear in doors and at night, Kanye style."

4. Plenty of Purrell: "Because I'm on and off the subway all day."

5. Heart-Shaped Home Keys: "Because even though six people live in my apartment NOBODY EVER BOTHERS TO OPEN THE DOOR!"

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