The Limelight Set to Meet March 25 Opening Date

It's begun to sink in that the former Limelight nightclub, housed in an old Gothic church in Chelsea, will reopen as a shopping center.  As tenants slowly filter in, word on the street says the Limelight Marketplace will be open by March 25, as planned. 

The Limelight Marketplace has opted for the slow and steady route to occupy its 25,000-square-foot, four-story bazaar modeled on a European village, avoiding any flea market association with high end shops from Hunter to J. Sisters to Sweet Room.  On the food front, things couldn't be better, with outposts of S'Mac and Grimaldi's moving in.  Apparently, there are still spaces to fill, which the Limelight reps are attributing to their selection process.  All's a go for March 25, but we'll be interested to see how it all shakes out.   

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