The Lake & Stars Look to the Women of Mexico City for their Latest Lingerie

Designers Nikki Decker and Maayan Zilberman added loungewear to a gilt-hued spring collection.

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Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
The Lake & Stars designers and Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award winners Nikki Decker and Maayan Zilberman presented a spring collection with the addition of loungewear, inspired by a group of inspiring women friends in Mexico City.
Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
The new friends that Decker and Zilberman met on a trip to Mexico City gave them the spark to create a warm, metallic palette with fierce undertones. "What struck us was how they related to one another as a group of girls," says Zilberman. "They were very strong, it was almost like they were all emitting heat as a unit."
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The energy of the Mexico City clan, says Zilberman, "inspired all of the shimmery gold and copper, and combination of metallics."
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According to Decker, everything starts with fabric. "We use fabric almost like paint. We are calling it our palette of fabrics. We try different layering techniques, different fabrics juxtaposed next to one another and watch how that may change the color, the shape, the mood of each garment."
Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
Friends Anndra Neen collaborated on jewelry, which corresponded with the powerful feminine character of the collection.
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"Our loungewear is new," says Zilberman, "we've never done anything like this." Both she and Decker were wearing pieces from the collection, and Decker explains: "They're things that you can easily wear out, and it's not like you're wearing your bra. It's a lot more understandable."
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The designers also looked at the influence of menswear in women's clothing in 1950s Mexico City, and their attention to the concept of female empowerment shows in the collection's bold lines.
Kelly O'Reilly / The Thread
Once again, it's a subtle, but powerful message for The Lake & Stars, as illuminated by Zilberman: "We're not looking to shock anyone. We want our customer to feel comfortable, and know that she can come to us for the pieces she wants to wear every day."
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