11 iPhone Fashion Apps to Download Right Now

It may be true that there's an app for whatever you want, but we've sifted through the mix and narrowed down our favorite fashion, style and shopping applications for whatever your sartorial needs might be.

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Gilt and Rue La La:
These flash sale pioneers obviously wasted no time in configuring their successful online models to the iPhone. In a survey of our friends, most used the word "dangerous" to describe the Rue La La and Gilt on the Go apps, which is high praise, indeed.
Style.com for iPhone
True story: a style-icon granny we know refers to the iPhone as "that phone that you can watch fashion shows on." That reputation can be purely credited to the captivating full-screen runway shots on Style.com's app, which we tend to view even when we have a full-size desktop handy.
Watch out, Stylebook app will have you giddy ... for hours. It's like Cher Horowitz for the 21st century with an outfit builder, and outfit calendar and an outfit history log.
Feather Report:
A spin-off of the popular (because it's absolutely genius) blog, the Feather Report app compiles the perfect outfit for the weather forecast. (Get it? Fashion + Weather = Feather.) Sunny skies or not, we're loving it.
Glamour's Ask a Stylist:
Ask a Stylist brings apps to whole new, real-time-interactive level. Instead of cataloging generic tips, members of the style team actually answer questions directly, in a matter of minutes. Bad for their weekends, great for you.
The newly launchedapp tracks promos and sales in NYC and alerts users based on their preferences and location, ensuring that wherever you may be, you're never far from a good deal.
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Tiffany & Co Engagement Ring Finder:
Forgive us for thinking so, but the Tiffany & Co Engagement Ring Finder app is kind of mesmerizing. All you've got to do is make sure no one's looking, and scan through cuts, sizes and styles to build your dream ring.
Lucky at your Service:
Another magazine determined to keep you dressing the go, Lucky at your Service is a self-billed virtual shopping concierge. The app allows users to track down suggested pieces and purchase (there's even a same-day delivery option).
Gap Stylemixer:
The Gap has gotten into the mobile shopping game with its app, which connects users' build-a-look creations to Facebook. Plus, if you open the app when you're near a store, it offers exclusive coupons as extra incentive.
Etsy Addict:
This aptly named app brings the handmade marketplace mobile, enabling quick navigation through listings and a built-in web browser to secure items to purchase.
Savvy Giving by Design
With a millions-strong devoted following to buying, selling, or even just watching its auctions, it's no wonder eBay comes in a number of different apps. There's one for selling, one for deals, the overall ebay experience and to go along with it, the Paypal app.
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