The Graduates: Jess Cambronero Explores Scars and Healing in Her Thesis Collection

For her senior thesis collection, Jess Cambronero explores images of scars at a "micro and macro level."

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Catherine Blair Pfander
A rough line-up for Parsons senior Jess Cambronero's thesis collection, which is inspired by scars and healing.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Parsons senior Jess Cambronero embarked on her thesis looking at "images of scarification," less as a medical inquiry than an exploration of the exotic patterns and textures that can be produced on skin. Soon, Cambronero widened the lens to investigate "how the skin physically heals" as well as "how the psyche recovers."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Cambronero examined "the micro and macro" aspects of scarring and healing in a book of inspiration images. Remarkably, the organic patterns and shapes of the scars look like fabric swatches when seen from a distance.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Cambronero abandoned early iterations of the collection "that had a lot more draping, a lot more softness," opting instead for "harder lines and geometric shapes." Here, a sketch of her final collection line-up. Interestingly, it wasn't until later that Cambronero realized a number of her looks featured "a kind of criss-crossing at the chest."
Catherine Blair Pfander
One of Cambronero's design signatures is her use of unusual, or unexpected seam details. "I like to avoid the obvious," she says. "I won't use a side seam if I can find another place for it."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Unlike many Parsons seniors who choose to have certain pieces sent out to be woven or embellished, Cambronero -- who was awarded a scholarship from the Luxury Education Foundation last summer -- is producing the entire collection herself, including these super-luxe machine knits.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Naturally, Cambronero's palette includes a range of warm skin tones, dappled with brighter shades of orange (indicating the color of scarred skin). "The silks are always hardest to work with," she explains.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Our favorite texture by far was a laser-cut leather in a rich, burnt orange color. "For some reason, I always like working with the leathers the best." This particular leather will be used for a T-shirt top.
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