The Graduates: Amazing Thesis Collections from Three Parsons Seniors

After a long semester, seniors Nikki Chasin, Jess Cambronero and Christine Hamer have finished their thesis collections.

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Andrew Stinson
A look from Parsons senior Nikki Chasin's thesis collection.
Christine Hamer
After long nights, last-minute bleach disasters and minor sewing injuries, Parsons seniors Christine Hamer, Nikki Chasin and Jess Cambronero have completed their thesis collections. Here, the ladies share their finished lookbooks and reflect on the semester.
Christine Hamer
Inspired by the idea of "keeping things together even as they're falling apart," Hamer worked with frayed edges and splashes of bleach to give her luxe materials a worn, water-soaked look.
Christine Hamer
Hamer's slouchy silhouettes resonated with the panel of judges, which included Pamela Love and Victoria Bartlett. "They definitely understood my concept and the vibe of my girl," says Hamer.
Christine Hamer
Initially, Hamer had intended to grow crystals directly onto her fabric. "I thought I had plenty of time to do it, but I don't know, things just got complicated and I was in a time crunch." Hamer hopes to utilize the method on accessories down the road.
Christine Hamer
Meanwhile, Hamer is looking forward to the summer. "I've interned at a huge company and a smaller company," she explains. "I think I'd like to try working somewhere smaller again. I think it allows you to be more hands-on."
Nikki Chasin
Nikki Chasin's thesis collection was inspired by her two grandmothers' distinctive tastes. "It's churchy grandma meets funky grandma," Chasin explains. Here, a silky green pantsuit with an embellished bomber jacket and elaborate beaded tank.
Nikki Chasin
"The judges asked what I might do as a follow-up collection, which sort of caught me off guard at the time," laughs Nikki. "I told them maybe it would be something about my grandfathers."
Nikki Chasin
Subtle details like the faint hand-painted stripes on these silk track pants gave Chasin's looks a touch of sportiness while still feeling girly and light.
Nikki Chasin
"One of the judges told me he liked the concept, and could see the connection to my grandmothers," Nikki explains. "But he also said that he could easily imagine it being inspired by something else, which I thought was a great compliment."
Nikki Chasin
Asked what her core styles might be, Chasin explained to the panel that "a lot of the shapes [from this collection] would always show up. A drawstring pant with something special about it, or some kind of athletic-inspired jacket. And embellishments are important to me, so I would expect to do more of those as well."
Jess Cambronero
Jess Cambronero took inspiration from scars and healing for her senior thesis collection. Here, a sexy bodysuit with a plunging neckline is paired with breezy white trousers with cut-outs at the hip.
Jess Cambronero
In general, Cambronero says she found her panelists questions helpful. "They asked what level of design I wanted to go into, which I thought was a good question," she explains. "I'm really interested in brands like Bottega Veneta and Akris. Those are brands I definitely aspire to."
Jess Cambronero
Unsurprisingly, Cambronero's textured leather shirt was a hit with the judges. "They loved the T-shirt," she laughs. "Everybody loves that one!"
Jess Cambronero
Here, a sexy printed gown with a carefully draped waist and skirt shows off Cambronero's technical expertise.
Jess Cambronero
Asked what she's up to this summer, Cambronero immediately exclaims that she'll be "looking for a job! I have a few leads already, so hopefully something pans out soon." With collections like these, we're certain all three of these talented students will have an easy time finding a home in the fashion industry.
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