The Five People “Street Peeper” Phil Oh Can't Wait to Shoot

Street style addicts probably know Phil Oh better as "Street Peeper" -- or, formally, the "Street Peeper-in-Chief." With a keen eye for interesting, individual style, Oh is a familiar face both inside and outside the tents during Fashion Week.

Through the years of street-peeping, Oh has found a few favorites -- folks whose sense of style continues to inspire him season after season. Here, he shares the five people whose Fashion Week outfits he can't wait to snap.

1. Susie Bubble, Style Bubble Blogger
"We have such similar sensibilities in colors, prints and patterns, and she's someone who manages to throw impossibly kooky combinations and crazy layers together but, somehow, still manages to look sane. There are people who throw on crazy stuff for the sake of looking crazy, but Susie really makes it work."

2. Anna Dello Russo
"Fashion is such a passion for her, and she wears the most outrageous -- well, not always outrageous, exactly. But when you look at the runway, and you see some of these designer looks, you think to yourself, "This looks amazing, but who in the hell is going to buy that, and wear it, and wear it well?" The answer is always Anna Dello Russo." 

3. Tim Blanks, Fashion Journalist
"Tim and I actually have very similar wardrobes when it comes to color and print and stuff like that, but every time i see him it's as if I'm seeing myself if I were a little bit older, and a white dude."

4. The ELLE China Girls

"Nobody really knows them individually, but they exude really great style. It's a little bit like Susie, where they're always putting together matching colors and prints so well, or just dressing ... I don't know, they just look so cool all the time. I think they're kind of under-the-radar because nobody takes many pictures of them yet. I think people are a little intimidated."

5. Marina Munoz, Stylist
"It's kind of interesting, I've known Marina for a couple years outside of fashion, but she's a stylist and also my friend's girlfriend. I started seeing her at a couple small shows, and she's got sort of a tomboyish sense of style, and she's one of those people that -- and I really hate using these two words together -- but she's effortlessly chic. A lot of what she wears is vintage or menswear-inspired, but she just has something about her, she always looks so cool. A couple of street style bloggers really like her and now i think through all that exposure she's everywhere, she's like in's street style section, and she's in the new September issue."

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