Fashematics Creates a ‘Zine

If you're not already addicted to the spectacular couture comedy that is Fashematics.com, we recommend carving out twenty minutes to become so.

In honor of his 50th Fashematics equation, Jonathan Zawada, mastermind of the Fashematics movement and one third of bizzaro design collective, Trust Fun!, has illustrated a celebratory "zine" featuring his favorite runway looks...and a lot of limbless zombies.  Existing somewhere between the literary traditions of Elle and What to do in a Zombie Attack, Zawada's Fashematical reinterprets "the stars of the catwalk as part of either a horde of zombies or an army of robots, hell-bent on taking Planet Earth for themselves."

Though Fashematical takes extreme liberty with the unfortunate models' flesh, eyesockets and often even skulls, the integrity of the fashion remains intact, and readers will have no trouble spotting favorite spring pieces from Prada, Chanel, Alexander McQueen or Balenciaga under the bloody stumps.  And though there is clearly an affection for the fashion industry in this gory mini-zine, we can't help but wonder:  is Mr. Zawada comparing dutiful fashion followers to mindless zombie trend mongers? 

The mere 200 copies produced are guaranteed to sell out before you can say "fashionably undead," so hurry and order your copy of Fashematical from www.fashematics.com.

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