The Best of Purse Purge: Peek Inside the Satchels of the City’s Most Stylish

We've seen a lot of handbags in the past year, but we never stop being amazed by the fabulous, practical, or sometimes totally peculiar things that fashion folks carry in their satchels. Here, our favorites.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
We've seen a whole lot of handbags in the past year, but we never stop being amazed by the fabulous, practical, or even totally peculiar things that fashion folks carry in their satchels. Here, a look at the coolest purses we've "purged."
Catherine Blair Pfander
We've seen a lot of handbags in the past year, but we never stop being amazed by the fabulous, practical, or sometimes totally peculiar things that fashion folks carry in their satchels. Here are some of our favorites.
Nicole Miller
Designer Nicole Miller keeps her handbag neat and tidy by only packing the essentials: notebook, pen, iPod and cell charger.
Karen Mulligan
Karen Mulligan of Pret-a-Surf kept her shearling Celine satchel stuffed with chic Symthson notebooks, a candy-colored camera and plenty of Comme des Garcons pouches.
Jill Demling
Gym-devoted Jill Demling (also of Pret-a-Surf) kept plenty of workout gear and snick-snacks in her handmade tote.
Wayne Lee
Wayne Lee keeps her keys on hand-carved chains and keeps her iPad loaded with lookbook images handy at all times.
Getty Images
Leandra Medine of "The Man Repeller" keeps it real when packing her white Alex Wang tote, stashing extra cash, Purell, and of course Tampax Pearl.
Kimberly Ovitz/Catherine Blair Pfander
LA-based designer Kim Ovitz carries back-up t-shirts and oversize shades in her killer Givenchy tote.
Amanda Ford
Blogger Amanda Ford stashes indie-fashion reads like "FOAM" magazine in a cool perforated handbag along with a python pouch and cat-eye shades.
Karen Walker/Catherine Blair Pfander
Karen Walker's mega-cool black chain bag is stuffed with beauty essentials, spare change and a cheery orange notebook.
Wendy Nichol stuffs a pale pink satchel of her own design with jewelry-making tools, a Playboy lighter and crafting 'zines.
Jen Kao
We might not have seen her purse, but Jen Kao gave us an exclusive peek inside her summer suitcase. Here, the designer packs four different varieties of vintage sunglasses, tons of bug repellent and an inflatable rubber duck.
Janie Bryant/Catherine Blair Pfander
"Mad Men" costume designer Janie Bryant stashes sunglasses and retro coin purses along with a practical measuring tape.
Elizabeth Thompson
Jewelry designer Elizabeth Thompson keeps a retro finger-weaving guide and scrumptious "Crunchie" bars in her repurposed tool bag.
Alyson Fox
Along with her iPhone and "Field Notes" journal, jewelry designer Alyson Fox carries vintage leather pouches and plenty of dark chocolate.
Jessie Randall/Catherine Blair Pfander
Jessie Randall of Loeffler Randall carries gear for her new baby (note the adorable blue bunny) along with hand-sanitizing wipes and a Kindle.
Katie Ermilio
We loved Katie Ermilio's practical Chanel ballet flats and bright coral Essie polish.
Margo Ducharme
LA-based designer Raquel Allegra packs a curated mix of music, beauty essentials, and (our favorite) lingerie back-ups.
Lyndsey Butler
VEDA's Lyndsey Butler can fit all her everyday essentials in a single oversize clutch. Here, a peek at her classic Chanel wallet, health snick-snacks and safety pins (for last-minute accessorizing).
Susana Monaco
Designer Susana Monaco is prepared for inspiration whenever it strikes, stashing No.2 pencils and sketchbooks in her handbag at all times.
Rory Beca
Rory Beca keeps luxurious beauty essentials and mirrored aviators in her cool, stripey shopping tote.
Lauren Merkin
Handbag designer Lauren Merkin keeps fabric swatches and subway-ready reading material in one of her gorgeous, plum leather satchels.
Ann Yee
New York designer Ann Yee packs playful accessories (like this hand-crocheted scarf) and cute gadgets.
Sara Blakely
Spanx founder Sara Blakely always carries business cards (good for a pair of free Spanx!), tasty yogurt drops, and a conversation-starting "chat pack" in her everyday tote.
Ahnna Lee
New York stylist Ahnna Lee carries a ruby-red Moleskine, sunscreen and a cute camera for taking inspiration snaps on the go.
Pippa Lord/Catherien Blair Pfander
ELLE photo director Pippa Lord keeps her iPod and makeup essentials in a classic navy Chanel satchel.
Tiffany Gong/Catherine Blair Pfander
Blogger Tiffany Gong of Six Six Sick is always ready for a yoga excursion, carrying a hot pink mat and back-up workout gear.
Katherine Kwei
Designer Katherine Kwei keeps Twizzlers and super-versatile beauty essentials like Vaseline in her chic braided tote bag.
Jennifer Blumin
Professional party planner Jennifer Blumin reaches for healthy snick-snacks like green apples while running between appointments.
Mary Ellen Hitt
Rather than purge her purse, Suzanne Rae also spilled her holiday packing list: classic composition notebooks, extra reading material and silky ensembles (which, we learned, take up minimal room).
Jerritt Clark
Local designer Yeohlee keeps CDs, a magnifying glass, and dental floss in her everyday handbag.
Jazzi McGilbert
Stylist Jazzi McG packs heaps of reading material and cute birthday cards in her zippered-up black tote.
Ina Bernstein/Catherine Blair Pfander
Ina Bernstein (owner of the luxe "INA" consignment stores) keeps a classic SLR camera with choice reading material and vintage Pucci shades.
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