$10 Million Worth of Counterfeit Booty is Heading for Haiti

audigier tshirt lead
Christian Audigier

After the massive raid on a Sunset Park warehouse that left New York City counterfeiters short some $10 million in knock-offs, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes announced the goods will be shipped to victims of the earthquake in Haiti as part of Operation: Help Haiti.

What nice lemons-to-lemonade news for the fate of the confiscated merch -- rather than be destroyed per usual in such cases, the 125,000 tons (that's seven truckloads) of clothing and accessories will be stripped of any logoes and brand identifiers and sent to clothe Haitians in need.  We did catch Hynes' comment that it wasn't easy to get the designers on board, who had to approve the usage of their imitations: According to the New York Post, the wares include forgeries from labels that range from Christian Audigier (pictured) and True Religion to Ralph Lauren and Diesel.

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