Target’s All-Star Collaborations Garners Lukewarm Response from Shoppers

Target Collective 3-13-11

To fete its fifth year of high-low fashion collaborations, Target launched a massive all-star lineup of some of the best designer dresses from its archive -- including Rodarte's much-fawned-over tulle dress and Proenza Schouler's purple bustier style. Despite some heavy promotion of the lineup (which was announced as early as last October), and a blow-out event in New York celebrating the line's launch, it seems shoppers are less than motivated to get out and snap up the wares.

According to a slew of original reporting from local editors in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and elsewhere over at The Feast, there have been no tales of lines or sold-out styles, which may signal a saturation point for the whole high-low fashion collaboration trend overall. [The Feast]

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