Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim Collections Spotted Early at Target

The official launch date for Target's latest collaborations, with Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim, isn't until April 18, yet early glimpses of the wares have already been spotted at various Target stores.

Frankly, this isn't a unique occurence: We spotted Thakoon for Target wares early during that particular collab -- we'd set our alarm and made the early Sunday morning trip to the Atlantic Center Target, only to find a picked-over selection mixed throughout the women's clothing racks. Target's a massive chain, after all, and sometimes inventory just makes it out to the floor early.

Such seems to be the case with Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim, whose Target wares are scheduled to hit Target floors on Sunday. Racked has reported tips that early sneak peeks have popped up in stores from Brooklyn to White Plains to Orange County, CA.  A great boon if you stumble upon the goods early, but a little difficult to track if you're seriously coveting the new wares.  

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