Swarovski and Sex and the City 2 Combine Their Sparkle

Getty Images

Perhaps the two most ubiquitous brands aimed at the glitterati of NYC, Swarovski and Sex and the City 2, have partnered to bedazzle the film coming out May 27.

The SATC franchise was born during the bygone era of unlimited wealth, leisure time and glitz, so Swarovski's involvement in the latest film incantation of the series is a fitting one -- a crystal chandelier serves as the centerpiece of Carrie's palatial closet, and the characters carry gem-studded minaudieres throughout the film.  Kim Cattrall even appears with cameo star Miley Cyrus in front of a Swarovski backdrop at an event.  The premise of the story, from what we've seen in trailers (the second one's embedded below), even brings the ladies to Abu Dhabi for a gluttonous weekend away, now that NYC doesn't necessarily accommodate that as much anymore.

Swarovski's 800 retail stores will also center their decor around the four main characters during the movie's promo blitz, because, as the brand's VP of communications, Nadja Swarovski, told WWD:  "Swarovski is the perfect fit for the fabulous foursome and represents everything the movie evokes: fashion, glamour, femininity and a strong sense of personal style."

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