Stylish Luggage Solutions for Chic Weekend Travel

Cold winter months are the perfect time to skip town for sunny shores on the weekends, but finding a suitably stylish travel bag can be tough. Here, our top picks for chic weekend escapes.

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Ralph Lauren's soft leather Cooper Bags feature vintage-inspired hardware and just enough space for a stylish weekend getaway. $2995 at Ralph Lauren.
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton is the foremost authority in luxury luggage. Even after 153 years -- when Mr. Vuitton introduced his trunks to the market--these monogrammed cases still look sharp. At Luis Vuittont.
Jean Paul Gaultier's gorgeous luggage pieces for Hermes feature slick leather accents and perfect tidy proportions. $3300 at Hermes.
Bergdorf Goodman
Prada can always be counted on to create classic leather luggage pieces that will last a lifetime of last-minute excursions. $1435 at Bergdorf Goodman.
Jack Spade
Jack Spade's grain leather travel bag comes in a bold purple hue--easy to spot at the airport carousel. $402.50 at Jack Spade.
Quality Mending Co
One of our favorite new brands, Quality Mending Co, specializes in these handmade rounded duffel bags in canvas and tobacco leather. $178 at Quality Mending Co.
J.Crew's cheap-n-chic canvas satchel is dip-dyed in either orange or blue. Great for a quick overnight away from the city, or as a stylish alternative to a gym bag. $36.50 at J.Crew.
Filson has been making these classic canvas and leather carryalls for over a hundred years. $450 at Filson.
Duluth Pack
Likewise, the Minnesota-based camping company, Duluth Pack, have tweaked their rugged leather duffel bags to perfection. $245 at Duluth Pack.
Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta's signature "intercciato" leather-weaving technique makes this simple black duffel an extraordinary accessory. $3920 at Bottega Veneta.
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