Easy Tips on How to Dress to Beat the Heat

It's hot out there (duh), but we refuse to let that very obvious fact get in the way of looking our coolest. In an overheated haze, we called upon our savviest, most stylish friends to share some tips on how to dress for this scorching weather.

Here's what we've gleaned from the best of the best:

  • It's all about natural fibers.  Avoid synthetic fabrics unless you're working out, and in that case, only in fabric combinations made to wick away sweat. A good rule of thumb: Cotton breathes best. 
  • Be careful about lightweight fabric. Silk feels like nothing on your skin, but if you're likely to sweat, it's gonna show. In that same vein, think about prints that might cover up unsightly spots.
  • Look at how women dress in countries with hot climates; they've been perfecting the art for hundreds (and thousands) of years. The Indian kurta, for example, is a lightweight, breathable tunic that's also a stunning wardrobe addition, while Mexico is home to colorfully embroidered tent dresses that are airy and super-comfy for kicking around in,
  • Stylists always have a ton of baby wipes and a small fan on hand. If you don't have your own personal team devoted to keeping you cool, just try to give yourself plenty of wipe-downs.
  • Great undergarments help. A strapless bra is a good investment. It can go under hot-weather staples like tanks and camisoles, and summer dresses.
  • Avoid large, clunky accessories that might weigh you down, especially around your neck (for the same reason that you wouldn't wear scarves in the summertime).
  • There's some reasoning behind the strappy sandal trend: shoes play a big part in your overall temperature, so keep your toes as free as possible.
  • Unless you work as a camp counselor, shorts tend to be a big no-no on the job (and often, so are sandals). Instead, the best hot weather wardrobe items for professional settings are A-line skirts or lightweight cropped pants.
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