Studio Tour: Tucker’s Gaby Basora Shows Us Her Amazing Print Archive

We caught up with Gaby Basora of Tucker at her sun-drenched Meatpacking studio to paw through new fall samples, inspiration photos, and an awe-inspiring archive of original prints.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
Gaby Basora launched her line of silky separates and knits when she'd finally had enough of strangers on the street demanding to know the origins of her handmade lantern-sleeve blouses. We caught up with the designer at her sun-drenched Meatpacking studio to paw through new fall samples, inspiration photos, and an awe-inspiring archive of original prints.
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"Funny enough, the first piece was a solid," laughs Gaby. The brand has since become synonymous with bright, "optimistic" prints and cheerful patterns. "We've had people say 'I never ever wore prints before, but now I only wear yours!'" Their impressive archive frames the studio in a rainbow of color.
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As much a scholar as a designer, Gaby studied everything from literature to art history and dance at Sarah Lawrence College, and often draws from her diverse interests for collection inspiration. Here, a snap of one of her many mood boards, festooned in newspaper clippings, hand-written notes and swatches of fabric.
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Another view of Gaby's enormous mood board.
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For Tucker's fall collection, Basora found inspiration in the enigmatic images of photographer Sarah Moon, and offered up a series of Deco-inspired prints including a lush acrylic zig-zag. "Can you believe how soft this is?" she asks, wrapping herself in a kimono-style overcoat.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Photographers are a constant source of inspiration for Basora. This collection of works from 1960s fashion photographer Charles Brittin is among her most coveted.
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"This one was a big hit with my kids," Basora says of the now-famous mallard print silk from Fall 2010.
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Each of Tucker's whimsical prints are developed in their Meatpacking studio and produced entirely in the United States.
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Each season Basora fleshes out her vision with more separates and silhouettes. "We didn't want to be a one hit wonder, you know," she explains, referring to Tucker's iconic lantern-sleeve blouse. For fall, slim tailored shirts and new skirt shapes made their debuts.
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As for the new silky shell-print hot pants: "Be brave!," Gaby encourages. "I went through a phase one summer where I was wearing swim shorts with everything."
A flirty purple print dress from fall 2012 features subtle draping at the neck.
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Gaby's desktop buddies serve as animal kingdom inspiration as well as handy paper-weights.
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"My father is a really serious birder," Gaby explains. This vintage bird watching poster was on its way the framers that same afternoon.
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A desk-side shoe collection for impromptu costume changes.
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