Studio Tour: Thom.Dolan's Sunny Soho Loft

We caught up with Thomasine of the impossibly hip ready-to-wear brand, Thom.Dolan, to sneak a peek at the new Fall 2011 collection.

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Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
Imagine the quintessentially hip, SoHo-dwelling New Yorker—whose sense of style is so evolved she makes a white blouse and slim-cut trousers look completely high-fashion—and you'll start to get an idea of what it's like to hang out with Thomasine Dolan. Lucky for us, Thom has imbued every inch of her eponymous collection, Thom.Dolan, with her signature blend of cool, confident chic.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
We caught up with Thom at her Broome Street loft and showroom to paw through the sumptuous new samples and discuss the inspiration behind her fall collection. "This is Maria Von Trapp in Austria," explained Thom, gesturing to the first rack of garments conceived in subdued shades of navy and gray. "And THIS is when she goes to Tibet."
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
Of course, fans of the film might not recall said Tibetan excursion, but that's because it didn't actually happen. Each look represents a specific moment in a fantastical trip of Thom's own imagining. "I think I just had to get all of this red out of my system," explains Thom.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
Thom's expert combination of Austrian and Tibetan design references made the articulation of her fantastical inspiration source astonishingly coherent. Indeed, we could imagine Maria reaching for this bright Fairisle vest and bold red pencil skirt were she to schlep her stylish self to Tibet.
The very same look as it was styled for the Fall '11 lookbook.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
Thom's extensive design experience at Bill Blass, Ralph Lauren, and Banana Republic equipped her with many of the skills needed to launch a successful independent collection. "I didn't go to Parsons or FIT or anything," explains Thom, "but that was really an education for me. At Ralph, it was all about sticking with what you love and being true to your vision. At Banana, everything was about the customer, giving her what she wants, understanding how she shops."
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
To be sure, these breezy spring tunics with a single key-hole closure and drawstring waist are exactly what we want to be wearing next season.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The thread
Accessories were an important addition for Thom's second season. Along with the thick rope belts and woven anklets, this furry feathered cap is right on target for fall, with fuzzy caps and accessories dominating the runways.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
Thom originally started the brand with the intent to fil a void in the swimwear market. "I felt like every time I had to put on a swimsuit I had to kind of abandon my personality," says Thom. "I mean, I was more comfortable in my underwear than my swimsuit, and that doesn't really make sense." The imminently wearable result of her efforts was an instant hit, and soon Thom expanded into ready-to-wear.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
A view of Thom's design desk and workspace.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
Thom's fearless use of color and texture comes across in all of her endeavors. Here, a hot pink look from spring.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
Luxurious detailing and super-saturated color give even the more restrained "Austrian" pieces a pop of personality.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
Fabric samples and inspiration sources for the Austrian portion of Thom's fall collection.
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