Studio Tour: The Hill-Side

Brothers Emil and Sandy Corsillo founded The Hill-side to provide high-end accessories to rough-n-tumble gentlemen who are hard on their wardrobe but still have a flair for fashion.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
Founded by brothers Emil and Sandy Corsillo, The Hill-side specializes in neck-ties, scarves and pocket squares for rough-n-tumble gentlemen (and some fashion-forward ladies) who are hard on their wardrobe but still have a flair for fashion. "That was really where we started," says Emil, who designed for the likes of Tretorn and Puma before joining his brother Sandy as a business partner. "This really tough and simple aesthetic in workwear fabrics like the denim and waxed cotton."
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
Their look struck a chord with American Heritage enthusiasts seeking a casual alternative to dressier fare, as well as customers who appreciated the uncompromising quality of the materials—all of which are sourced from Japanese mills. The brand's signature square shape was an innovation of Emil's, who played with prototypes while Sandy developed their e-commerce boutique, Hickoree's Hard Goods, in the fall of 2009. Naturally, Hickoree's carries the most expansive offering of Hill-side ties and pocket squares, including more labor-intensive exclusives and limited-runs.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
"As time goes on, we continue finding more ways to play with that original rough and tumble aesthetic," Sandy explains, gesturing to the brand's first ever floral print neck-tie, which hits stores this spring. The limited materials required to make Hill-side neckties (a small yardage will yield up to 50 pieces) means the fellas can be more flexible to experiment with unusual prints and high-end fabrics.
Catherine Blair Pfander
In addition to seasonal print and pattern offerings, The Hill-side carries a core of colored chambray and denim styles year-round, including a particularly rich shade of violet and a newly-added golden yellow hue.
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A particular favorite of Sandy's, The Hill-side's first floral necktie in over-dyed indigo cotton is sure to be a hit among NYC fellas looking to add some spring flavor to their warm weather wardrobe.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
For fall, Emil and Sandy are starting to experiment with colorful patterned fabrics from Mexico. "We're really interested in branching into home goods some day soon—blankets and table settings in particular," says Emil. We hope that day comes soon, because a blanket in that pink and purple stripe is destined for a home on our living room sofa. To view The Hill-side's complete collection visit
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