Studio Snacks: Bing Cherries and Crudite at Lulu Frost

The fashion industry may be fabulous, but working designers in New York are just that: working. They, too, are subject to the dreaded 4 p.m. cravings, and with Studio Snacks, we get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what our favorite talents reach for in their studios.

Lisa Salzer of NYC jewelry label, Lulu Frost, has glitzy baubles in her blood. The granddaughter of famous estate jeweler, Elizabeth Rock, Salzer's gorgeous adornments combine vintage charm with quirky materials (brass door numbers from the Plaza Hotel, for example) and modern design elements.

Her studio, crowded with glittery bling and salvaged  materials, plays host not only to Salzer's creative process but to the occasional late afternoon snack-a-thon. When the designer feels herself starting to crash, she reaches for healthy treats to recharge without binging on sugar.

“I love having raw veggies and hummus on hand while I'm designing jewelry," she explains. "Just in case I need an afternoon snack.  Right now, Rainier cherries are in season and they are the most divine sweet treats, so we keep a stash of them in the office at all times in case of emergency.” 

Longtime Sales Director, Sandra Merrill, also tries to keep it healthy when it comes to the munchies. “We try to eat healthy in the office in between meals, hence the dried fruit, nuts and honey-wheat pretzels." she explains. "But what we all crave deep down is Trader Joe’s Kettle Corn – it is an absolutely perfect blend of salty and sweet, and packs the perfect snack time crunch!”

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