Street Style: Valeriya on Wythe and Ninth Street

Catherine Blair Pfander

We spotted Valeriya's cute summer ensemble as she exited a casting call by the Brooklyn waterfront.

Of course, at 5-foot-10, the Russian beauty isn't easy to miss. All legs and shiny red hair, Valeriya definitely had the frame to pull off a skin-tight jersey skirt and funky zip-front tank. The outfit itself was simple enough, but a few key accssories -- including vintage oversized sunnies, a big men's watch and a giant leather satchel in the same pinky-nude hue as her blouse -- made the look tres chic. We caught up with Valeriya as she cooled off after work with an iced coffee.

Hometown: Moscow, Russia

On My Way: "Back hom from a casting call."

Today I'm Wearing: "The skirt is from Topshop, this top is amazing -- I got it at H&M, I wear it to a lot of castings -- and my favorite Marc by Marc jellies."

My Signature Style in MIddle School: "I have always been about the basics, so I guess jeans, T-shirts, occasionally really high heels if I was going to dance or something."

My Style in Three Words: "Simple, Casual, Elegant."

If I Could Sit Front Row at Any Fashion Show, It Would Be: "Calvin Klein. I just love everything they do. So simple and perfect. Or -- this is random -- but I really like Mango. It's a simple show but I always really like it."

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