Street Style: The Calvin Klein Intern

Between snow, slush, cold, and general February fatigue, we sometimes resort to lazy dressing: head-to-toe black, leggings and wellies, and even ... Uggs. So it's a good thing we have ladies like Laura VanWylen, a Rhode Island School of Design student on her winter break, to breathe some fresh air into the streets of the Garment District.

It was her vintage Dooney & Bourke purse that caught our eye, and when we saw what was in that shopping bag, her streamlined style and sensible equestrian boots suddenly made sense. Laura had fabric swatches from an Italian mill to deliver to Calvin Klein, where she's interning this season.

"I'm graduating in the spring," she said. "So, I'll definitely be moving back." We'll be ready for some fresh looks by then.

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