Street Style: Marisa L.'s Mixed-Up Patterns and Textures

Calling all New York PR houses: This stylish Parsons graduate, Marisa Lee, says she's officially out of school for summer and on the hunt for a chic new gig.

And who wouldn't want someone who dresses this well on their staff? Marisa Lee's bold black-and-white maxi dress stood out even amid the gray Williamsburg afternoon.

A master of the high-low mix, Lee incorporated high-end designer pieces with fast fashion scores. Layered beneath a cropped black Alexander Wang pullover, her dress—a well-chosen H&M find—could easily pass for a luxe designer piece, with an unusual paint-like motif with streaks of bright white.

Lee further personalized the look with heaps of black beaded bracelets, a funky statement ring and, best of all, her mom's vintage Chanel handbag. Soft ombre-dyed locks would give any ensemble an added dose of hip, but the style seemed especially suited to this look.

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