Street Style: Lauren’s Breezy Bandana-Print Maxi

Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread

Most New Yorkers were keeping their summery ensembles under wraps this afternoon as clouds made the sunshine spotty, but Lauren Suchman was undaunted on her way home to Crown Heights clad in a breezy indigo maxi dress and dangly boho necklace

"It's really amazing the things you can find in Banana Republic's jewelry section now," Suchman says of the gorgeous silver and purple necklace dangling around her neck. "I'm obsessed with this!"

A Nordstrom devotee, Suchman occasionally treks to her native Connecticut to rummage through the ample dress selection. "It's such a bummer that there's no Nordstrom here." Her flowy bandana-print maxi dress was a recent score.

"I also love that store PEMA," she adds, showing a shopping bag full of fresh purchases. "They have really great jewelry and sundresses." Suchman had been on the prowl for graduation gifts for her little sister when we stopped her en route to the subway. If her considerable haul is anything to go by, we'd say her littlel sister is in for one spectacular grad party.

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