Street Style: Julie on McGuinness and Nassau

We were almost an avenue away when we spotted the soft fur accents on Julie Hines' sleek outfit. Were they mittens? Part of a scarf? As it turned out, they were part of a wrap-around closure on her cool vintage cape. After asking about her inspired ensemble, we weren't surprised to learn that Miss Hines is a professional stylist with a special talent for finding choice vintage pieces.

Hometown: Atlanta.

Occupation: "Stylist and musician."

Today I'm Wearing: Vintage coat, Hayden-Harnett bag, vintage shoes.

Signature Style in Middle School: "I guess, in middle school, probably grunge, right? Hot pink hair and flannels and stuff.

If I Could Sit Front Row at Any Fashion Show, it Would Be: "Yeah, definitely any of the paris shows would be fun, the big productions like Chanel, Dior, those kidns of things.

Best Thing I Bought This Year: "A vintage charm bracelet with Egyptian charms on it, and an old swimsuit -- I collect old swimsuits -- so it's this beautiful Cole's of California suit."

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