Street Style: Julia's Cheerful Rainy Day Gear

Rainy days usually turn us into drippy messes (usually sporting high school Northface jackets and frizzy locks). Somehow, however, Miss Julia Reinhard -- a chic hairstylist we caught on her way home from Arrojo salon -- is impervious to the effects of damp and drizzle.

Julia's chartreuse silk mini-skirt, an indie designer score that she discovered while shopping Los Angeles, popped against the dreary gray afternoon.

Her cool shredded gray sweater, matching kneesocks and vintage mini-backpack gave the look just a hint of school girl chic, while shiny white Repetto jazz shoes anchored the outfit in classic 60's "mod."

"I basically live at Beacon's Closet," laughs Reinhard, a lifelong Audrey Hepburn fan whose flair for classic style is immediately evident in her ruby red lipstick. "I mean, I love Barney's too. I just don't buy anything there." If only we'd asked how she keeps her hair so shiny and cooperative during this inclement weather week.

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