Street Style: Gy-Su On Broadway and Spring

Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread

We used to think punk rock accessories and goth-inspired looks were simply too tricky to pull off -- one studded bracelet too many, and you may as well work at Hot Topic.

But after meeting the super-stylish Gy-su Kim, we're thoroughly convinced that creepers, spikes and studs have a deserved place outside the mall. Indeed, this Interview intern even managed to give her rock 'n' roll look a glamorous twist by adding a fluffy Uniqlo overcoat. 

Hometown: "Claremont, California."

Today I'm Wearing: "A Uniqlo coat, spikey fingerless gloves from St. Marks, creepers from Trash & Vaudeville, a vintage skirt, and a Balenciaga bag."

En Route: "To my internship at Interview."

If I Could Sit Front Row at Any Fashion Show, it Would Be: "McQueen."

My Signature Style in Middle School: "I wore all of my brothers hand-me-downs, and he was a skater. So I had a lot of sassy T-shirts and baggy everything."

The Best Thing I Bought This Year: "Lots of candles. Beautiful, lovely candles."

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