Street Style: Donna on Berry and North 7th

Catherine Blair Pfander

We spotted Danish beauty Donna Chernow crossing Berry Street in search of a spot to enjoy her take-out lunch from the Meatball Shop (it wasn't until later that we realized she had a family connection to the popular Williamsburg eatery, as the spouse of its gregarious co-owner, Mike Chernow). Outfitted in a cool, floppy-brim cap and military overcoat, one might not guess Donna's easy-going attitude from her super-tailored ensemble. As it turned out, her disposition was as sunny as this look was chic.

En Route: "To the nearest bench for some lunch!"

Today I'm Wearing: "An Operations jacket, Rag & Bone hat, and the shoes are a Danish brand."

My Style in Three Words: "I feel like this outfit isn't my typical style. Usually, though, I would say 'easy, relaxed, and comfortable.'"

If I Could Sit Front Row at Any Fashion Show, It Would Be: "Chloe."

My Signature Style in Middle School: "Ah, that wasn't too good. I would say 'no style.'"

The Best Thing I Bought This Year: "A camera, actually. A Canon 5D."

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