Street Style: Brittany Ham's Inspired Vintage Look

We didn't think we'd live to see the day that argyle socks, a blue floral dress, a brown cardigan and saddle shoes would come together in a single spectacular ensemble, but Brittany Ham proved that not only can it happen, but the effect is ultra-chic.

Her handbag is what first caught our eye: a hand-painted vintage Louis Vuitton embellished with a colorful mushroom cloud is the kind of thing we'd expect Lady Gaga to bust our of her closet. "It was a present from my boyfriend," explains Ham, who was on her way to the Strand when we introduced ourselves.

"This is basically all vintage," she says, looking down at her own striking outfit. A frequenter at Beacon's Closet, Ham's unusual mix of patterns and prints is not the kind of thing anyone can pull off. After all, it takes confidence to make a head-wrap, sundress and vintage cardigan come together. Her keen vintage know-how can be partially attributed to her gig at What Comes Around Goes Around, the legendary vintage store in Soho known for its cases of classic Chanel accessories and bins of cut-off Levi's.

"I really don't look at anyone in particular," she laughs. "I get up in the morning, I'll have some kind of idea of where I want [the look] to go, and things just fall together from there." We look forward to seeing more of Ham, since she's without doubt the kind of street style muse we won't miss should we spot her on the sidewalk again.

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