Velvet Pumpkins and Diamond Earrings at Catbird

Correy Law showed us the latest and greatest treasures at this cozy Williamsburg boutique.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
A trip to Williamsburg boutique Catbird—with its dark blue walls and display tables stuffed with tiny treasures—feels like entering a life-sized jewelry box.
Catherine Blair Pfander
It's tough to leave the cozy shop without a sparkly new bauble, unusual home accessory or some statement-making jewelry (much of it sourced from NYC designers).
Catherine Blair pfander
Correy Law, the brand's stylish PR director, showed us her favorite trinkets of the season, starting with this romantic "Dark Side of the Moon" ring ($122) . "It's our newest ring, and it comes in oxidized sterling silver, which gives it some darkness, contrasted with a yellow gold band," says Correy. "We're big on mixing metals, and it gives you some fun texture."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Correy also pointed us to the aptly named "Chained to My Heart" earrings ($400-$800), which come in two metal and diamond-size options. "You get a sense of texture with the chain," she says, "and the traditional beauty of the diamond."
Catherine Blair Pfander
Catbird's scented soy candles ($32) are known for their unusual—but totally divine—scents and lengthy burn time. Their latest, "Tarot Deck," features a smoky scent with real pencil shavings. "They last forever," says Correy. "And the scent burns really clean and soft."
Catherine Blair Pfander
These handy ceramic bowls ($20) are perfect for stylishly stashing accessories. "We call it 'the bowl with gold innards,'" laughs Correy. "And it gives you a fancy place to keep your jewelry organized."
Not only are these dainty Equilateral Nails pegs ($28) a sophisticated alternative to typical nails for picture hanging, but they're perfect for displaying extra necklaces or bracelets.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Nostalgic Halloween gear—like this illustrated Edward Gorey story book ($14.95) —had us extra eager for the arrival of fall.
Catherine Blair Pfander
We never knew Halloween decorations could be as sophiciated as these colorful velvet pumpkins ($12).

Visit Catbird at 219 Bedford Ave. in Williamsburb, or shop online at

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