Simon Spurr: Mick Jagger, Savile Row, and Michael Caine on 18th Street

simon spurr
The Thread

While we're not entirely infatuated with menswear, there are some lines that catch and hold our attention. Spurr, which started off as a few jeans at Bergdorf Goodman and has expanded into a tailored, full-blown collection -- is one of those lines.

Music from British artist The Streets opened up the show, which felt like London tailoring mixed with punk, then infused with a bit of good old American grunge -- think crisply-done suiting paired with a knit scarf and a beanie cap.

The highlights were the nerd-chic suits in bold stripes and checks (topped off with the requisite tortoise-shell glasses), as well as some sumptuous leather jackets and trousers. The separates looked like the kind a wealthy gent might throw on, styled with the carefree swagger of London street style: feather-topped hats pushed back on heads and edgy leather driving gloves rounded out the looks.

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