Some Clarifications on Nordstrom's Soho Charity Shop

The announcement that Nordstrom was opening an 11,000 square-foot location at 350 West Broadway in Soho earlier this week kickstarted a major frenzy, intensfied further by the news that the store would be donating all of its net sales to charitable, non-profit organizations. But, as is often the case with retail news that seems too good to be true, it is—at least on some fronts.

According to Pamela Lopez, a spokesperson for Nordstrom, the store will be be owned by the Seattle-based retailer, however it won't be Nordstrom-branded. The store "won't have the word 'Nordstrom' in the name or take the department store's credit cards—from a customer's point of view, it won't seem like a Nordstrom at all," Racked reports.  Nordstrom will, however, provide back-office support, not to mention funding for the philanthropic venture.

Though there's little else to report at the moment about stock and merchandise, or which non-profits will be the recipients of the donations, this is nonetheless one cool arrival to the neighborhood, which has been undergoing a major retail boom of late.

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